Xott (pronounced Zot), is a hand moderated fantasy Play by Mail game, set in a pseudo medieval world where magic appears as part of everyday life. The player controls a group of adventurers who explore this world, through written orders given to the GM.

Most of the work contained within these pages is the intellectual property of Antony Dunks - (working as Æ84 PBM Games) no blanket permission is given for its use outside the Xott PBM game.

Recently celebrating its 23rd Birthday, a list of all characters in play in the last year can be found here.


And in other news...

It appears that House of Plexal have been recruiting a number of adventurers in Sifi Lifion over the recent months, each being tasked with seeking out and returning alive the person known locally as Kre-iku.

...while last week...

From remote locations in the Northan Core are reports of strange mystics preaching a new religion that is not from within the Twelve Gods. These people, each of whom calls themself an Advenalist, possess the power to appear and disappear at will, as well as heal the sick.

...and last month...

Word from an unnamed source has Ration implicated in the raids upon the northern range of the Coran Forest 30 years ago; and that many of the Elves taken by Orc Raiders, ended up as slaves in the noble houses of the Human city.

Did you know?

The game of Xott has been running for over twenty two years now. You can read about the more important events of Xott's history the Chronology or the edited highlights in the Timeline.